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Dr. Dave "Tree" Montgomery

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As a child, David Montgomery spent his days exploring the woods and immersing himself in the beauties of Mother Earth. He would go to the trees to contemplate his life, soothe his wounds and find his peace (though his 8-year-old self would never have put it that way).  But as he got older Dave forgot about the wonders of his nature sanctuary.


When Dave  grew up, he created a beautiful family with his wife Jane. He went to medical school, was certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and served the wellness of women for more than 30 years in which he had the special privilege of giving thousands of newborns their first hug.


Still, despite his success, Dave felt something was missing and he longed for “something more.”


At 48, Dave reunited with his abandoned nature sanctuary on a vision quest in the wilderness of Utahʼs canyons. Supported by the gifted guides of Animas Valley Institute, Dave completed a modern rite of passage to revisit forgotten spiritual dimensions of himself and uncover the true passion and wisdom of his soul.  Daveʼs approach to medicine then evolved from a conventional knight-fighting-the-dragons-of-disease practitioner, focused on problems and prescribing “shoulds”, medicines and surgery to be a loving healer, listener and collaborator, equal in relationship to the healing process. He is now certified by the American Board of Integrated Holistic Medicine.


Dave integrates shamanism and transformational nature experiences with principles of holistic medicine to bring a unique perspective to serving the wellness of himself and others.


He affirms that “cultivating self-love allows us to courageously bring the wholeness of our authentic selves to the healing process, increase the effectiveness of our services and bring more joy to our lives.”

Dave is a sacred Mandela painter, woodcarver & poet. Here are two of his designs.

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