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Most people separate the "Spiritual" from the "Material". Many see financial prosperity as the antithesis of enlightment or soulfulness. Yet we are spiritual beings in a material world, and physical beings in a spiritual one. 


In 2005, Amy Katz moved to Santa Barbara after attending the 6th month Dreamtending Training at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She dreampt of having the time to offer her vision quests and intuitive sessions, and perhaps making enough money to pursue her PhD in Depth Psychology, or buy a home. After all, she had travelled for twenty years, across 50 countries, and lived in every region of the USA, and eight foreign countries on three continents. On a Medicine Walk during the Month Long Vision Quest Guide's Training at the School of Lost Borders, where she asked the ancestors for direction, she had come off the mountain and wandered down the path, down the paved street into Emerald North's garden. Then on her own vision quest a year later, instead of leaving her sacred circle to see what was just beyond the other hill, and beyond that and beyond that, all she wanted to do was sink her roots into the sweet Earth, and decorate her "home/garden"(which at that moment was a little patch of sand surrounded by Junipers in the Inyo Desert) in order to bring beauty and rest to herself and the world. 


In 2006, Amy thought it would be a good idea to be come a real estate agent to earn money quickly, and because it was another way of helping people "LIVE OUT THEIR DREAMS." This was a few months before the recession in which millions of people lost their homes, and the markets crashed. But, Amy persevered. 


Now, this month, she is in escrow on a $8,250,000 commercial property, which is being purchased by a "green", developer who is going to be building workforce housing in a sustainable way... it looks like her financial dreams are coming true, and she will be helping hundreds of people  -- thousands over the years to come -- in one fell swoop! And now she is well qualified in both residential and commerical real estate.


Amy looks forward to helping sellers and buyers all across California live out their dreams, whether of secure home ownership or investing in their dream projects. In fact, sometimes she even helps tend their night time dreams in order to help them move closer to their day dreams. This is, after all, what The School of Living Dreams is all about! 



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