"Loving to Heal 

Retreats & Adventures


Medicine Walks in Nature: Talking Staff Counsels, Fire/Water Ceremonies, Dreamtending & Sacred Story Mirroring

in Sunny Santa Barbara


Come experience true "unconditional love" and learn or deepen the practice of removing the shadowy blocks and channeling pure love for healing, happiness and wholeness -- your own, and others.


The journey will begin in The Los Padres National Forest area of  Santa Barbara, California



3 and 5 day formats

Your Guides: Amy Katz, M.A. & Dr. Dave Montgomery




  • Are you hard on yourself when you make a mistake?

  • Are you exhausted by the responsibilities of caring for the physical or mental health of others?

  • Do you neglect self-care because the needs of others seem to be more important?

"Do you love yourself enough to listen with the ears of your heart to all the voices of yourself speaking?"





This weekend experiential program will introduce you to practices that cultivate self-compassion. "Loving to Heal Nature Walks" are opportunities to journey into the wilderness of forest and sea, into infinite consciousness,  and come home with healing wisdom.


Imagine looking at yourself with kindness and hugging that vulnerable inner child who suffers as much from current abandonment as from past wounds.   Imagine that you really accept, in your entire being, the perspective that you are worthy and lovable just as you are. If you cannot even imagine these things, this program will be an introduction to your own heart. Let nature show you the path -- your own unique path to healing, to "whole-ing" to your own soul.


CALL AMY TO Design and schedule a Loving To Heal Retreat for almost any occassion, almost any location: 805-428-9252


Dr. Dave Montgomery

Dr. Dave "Tree Montgomery

Amy Beth Katz, Loving to Heal Co-Guide

Amy "Dreamweaver" Katz

Hummingbird on Bird of Paradise: a resident of the  Garden where we will gather together.

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& Santa Barbara Psychics 
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