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Non-licensure Disclaimer & Ethics Statement

Since the beginning of time,  Intuition & Dreams have been utilized for healing and personal growth. However, these methods rely greatly on abstract symbolism, metaphor, imagination and interpretation. There is always risk involved in any interventions, and psychic readings are not an exact science.

While all School of Living Dreams instructors, and guides are highly trained in the arts they practice, they are NOT licensed psychotherapists. All clients need to take responsibility for their own health and well being. While guides share information, it is up to each client to discern for themselves what advice to take and what feels right to them. 

What makes the School of Living Dreams guides unique is that we share a belief that everyone has psychic ability and should be empowered. We do our best to nurture healthy relationships and are very mindful of transference/countertransference and the value of developing deep and changing relationships with clients, including mentorships and friendships when emergent and appropriate, without fostering unhealthy dependancy. 

We highly recommend that if you are in distress, in addition to intuitive readings you also contact a licensed psychotherapist that has a similar philosophy towards treatment as you do. We can and do make recommendations and provide referrals, but once again, clients are responsible for their own well-being. While some of us are trained as peer-counselors, and some have been extensively trained by Depth psychotherapists & Jungian Analysts, once again, we are not licensed. We seek to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and relationships with out clients, but given the nature of our work, this may differ from what State licensing boards or the APA dictate. 

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