NEW 2019 School of Living Dreams Offerings

Cyber Dreamweaving I

Turn you Social Media Usage into a Psychic Training Medium & Self Development Platform

3 Hours: Choose one of these dates: 

Saturday, April 27: 10:00am - 1:00pm    

Instructor: Amy Beth Katz, M.A. 

Do you like communicating, writing & sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but worry you are wasting time? Learn how to tap into the most unused parts of your brain and awaken the creative genius that connects you to the universal consciousness as you post & research to your heart's content! Find your voice, discover your sub personalities, learn what lies beneath your persona and public "face" and how to safely explore the relationship between the personal and collective shadow. Also, how to use the Internet to heal from trauma, manage stress, gain "emotional intelligence" and hone telepathic, clairvoyance and remote viewing skills that will aid you in every area of your life. We will play with connecting your night Dreams to different types of day-time Intuition  -- the natural extension of the five senses. Learn to pay attention to your body even and especially in the disembodied world of Cyberspace. Is God in the Computer, too? Come find out! 

Shamanic Dreamweaving

Introduction to Shamanism Workshop: Awakening Into the Wilderness of the Dreamtime

May 11 & 12, 2019 Sunday 
(Price includes both days, 10:00 - 4:00 pm, plus a one-on-one fifteen minute private follow up session, to be scheduled 1 - 4 weeks after the workshop.)
Instructor: Amy Beth Katz
Shamanism is about expanding awareness; stalking power; shapeshifting, and learning to read the signs of nature for healing of self and other. Together we will dwell in the in-between places, the thin spaces, where imagination meets matter; where the boundaries of sleeping dreams and waking dreams disappear, and we lucid dream into the lives we most desire. Come on this journey with kindred spirits where we will time travel into the future and the past and into to a reality of "time beyond time." We will have a fun, thrilling and mysterious time sharing dreams, which will direct us on "walk abouts" on the land, "sacred medicine tasks", Soul-generated ceremony,  hands-on healing, exploring elemental magic and telepathic-play. Students will leave being more psychic, more insightful & more connected to the Divine and themselves than ever before. 

The Intuitive Art of Dream Tending Webinar

May 6 - May 27 Four Sessions Tuesday

The Intuitive Art of Dream Tending 


May 7-28, 2019 Tuesday Evenings, 4 Weeks, Webinar/Interactional 
5:30 pm  - 8:00 pm PST (2.5 Hours per night)
Cost: $120.00  (Payment Plans Available)

TO REGISTER: Call: 805-428-9252 or Email: and click on PayPal Payment link: 
This workshop will be taught by Clairvoyant and Dream Tender Amy Beth Katz, M.A., We will practice the compassionate, shamanic art of Dream Tending, emphasizing the intuitive aspects of the dreaming practice. Dream Tending is a process of hosting the living images of night-time and waking dreams,  Techniques that will deepen empathy and enhance lucidity in dreams will be introduced, but even more, you will learn how to bring dreams into daily living so as to become lucid in the waking DreamTime, as Australian aboriginals and all of our ancient ancestors use to do. 


Dream Tending  is a method developed by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, and integrates indigenous wisdom from around the world with  depth psychologies.  In this course we will explore the multi-dimensionality of image and psyche, moving between the personal, interpersonal, societal and world-dream levels of reality.  We will become  navigators of the deep imagination -- an endeavor that will enhance clairvoyance ability and can lead to profound personal transformation, cultural renaissance and archetypal activism for the benefit of self and community.

We will learn how to face and work with Nightmares and build alliances with the most powerful dream-allies. Then we will experiment with Dream Healing and making "medicines of the soul". Throughout, we will practice the four-stage process of Association, Amplification, Animation and Embodiment. Topics such as Shadow work, the value of Depth practices within the context of pursuing one's Spiritual path, the relationship between psychic images and dream images, sleep paralysis, etc. will add to the lively discussion. Students will experience the profound mirroring between inner and outer nature, dive deep into the collective unconsciousness  and cultivate the art of "not-knowing". Dream Tending is a skill that improves presence with clients and loved ones: ideal for therapists, intuitive readers,  healers and parents. 


In between class sessions, students will explore at their own pace. They will have opportunities to meet with partners via phone, in person (depending on where you live) or Skype and to practice techniques, go on dream-nature walks, and share experiences on the private group page.

Required reading: 

1) Dream Tending, by Stephen Aizenstat
ISBN: 9781935528111

Publisher:Spring Journal

Publication date:06/23/2011

2) James Hillman

Dream and the Underworld 


Students will have priority scheduling for Dream Tending sessions with the teacher Amy Beth Katz at a reduced rate for students during and after the training. She  will be amply available via text and email throughout the course.  


AMY BETH KATZ is a clairvoyant, dream tender, shamanic healer, eco-counselor and wilderness rite of passage guide, poet and tarot reader. She integrates Jungian/Depth Psychology and cross-cultural spirituality into all her work. She has been teaching inter-cultural communication and public speaking at colleges and universities for twenty years, and has a private soul-guiding/life coaching practice in Santa Barbara. Amy is the author of "The Lizard Thieves: Love Poems", "Quoth the Raven, Goblins & Lusty Maidens: A Collection of Classic Narrative Poetry" and is working on her third book, "Backyard Shaman's Guide to Power Animals."

Introduction to The Medicine Wheel and Four Seasons of Human Nature

June 29, 2019 Saturday

Introduction to the Medicine Wheel and Four Seasons of Human Nature

10:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Guide: Amy Beth Katz

Recommended Donation: $75.00
Location: Rancho Oso Horse Ranch & Campground, Paradise Rd., Los Padres National Forest, 

In this day-long experiential ceremony and workshop, participants will be introduced to the Medicine Wheel, an ancient archetype and map of the human psyche as it mirrors the changing seasons of Mother Earth that can elicit profound healing and transformation when consciously navigated. 

We will take medicine walks in the surrounding wilderness, engage in synchronistic "conversations with the sacred other", then share stories with each other in a safe and sacred talking council.  


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Amy Katz's On Going 

1 - 2 hour Private Sessions 
Visionary Clairvoyance/Dreamtending/Crisis Counseling/Shamanism/Ecotherapy/Life Coaching


Call for in person or phone/Skype Appt.