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Amy Katz, Founder of School of Living Dreams, started Living Dreams Press in the summer of 2013, with her twin sister Debra Lynne Katz. Amy had written her first book of poetry, and was catching up to Debra, who had already successfully published three books on psychic development with Llewellyn Worldwide. Debra was frustrated with the way so many traditional publishers take advantage of their writers, and ultimately obtained her rights back from Llewelyn. Amy wanted to maintain creative control over her book, "The Lizard Thieves." Initially, they created ths boutique publishing company to publish their own works. Then, having learned the essentials, they decided to offer publishing services to other budding authors. Empowerment, collaboration and fairness are their guiding principles. Visit LIVINGDREAMSPRESS.COM to purchase Instantly Downloadable books, magazines & Training Courses pertaining to metaphysics, social justice, spirituality, Tarot, healing, soul poetry and nature.

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