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Sun Conure: Power Animal of November


As we head into winter, darkness and cold can have a depressing effect on many. The holidays ahead to some are a blessing, to others their anticipation harkens demons of dread, loneliness and bitter family disputes. Whether you feel November is a time to celebrate or despair, call in the Sun Conure as a Power Animal, and let this little clown-colored parrot with the champaign-glass shattering voice break your heart open and let the rainbow colored light shine in!

Sun Conures are native to Brazil, the country that evokes images of bronzed bodies lining the sun drenched beaches of Rio; the wild exuberance of Carnival celebrations, and Samba dancing in the streets. Sun Conures are aptly named with their orange bodies, red cheeks, yellow and green wings: If Ra or Zeus the Sun Gods had Power Animals, there would surely be Sun Conures sitting on their shoulders.

One of the problems people face as the Sun makes less of an appearance each day is that they stay inside more, and perhaps get lonely. Sun Conures never have a problem calling out for companionship, or letting their needs be known to others. They shriek and sing to demand attention. They also clown around in the treetops or their cages, hanging upside down by a single foot, dancing like lunatics. They laugh, whine, cry, chatter, kiss and charm you into doing exactly what they want: snuggle, converse, companion you or share your food every where you go. While these antics can be annoying at times to those who don’t want to be bothered, the Sun Conure knows how to get their social needs met. While they will be rejected at times, many others they will get the fun, love, and communion they most desire. Even 5 times out of ten is better than 0 out of 0. So when you need to reach out more to others and let them know you exist and want to communicate with them, snuggle or be entertained, become that noisy Sun Conure, and trust that even though not all people like birds, many will be riveted by your beautiful plumage and your adorable antics!

In spite of Sun Conures ability to get their needs met, they are also excellent at setting boundaries. If they don’t want to be touched, they will gently bite the hand that is pestering them: not enough to hurt those they love, but to say in no uncertain terms, “not a good time!” As much as they want affection and attention, they also enjoy their solitude and sleep -- when they are ready for it. This they let you know too by their nibbles, or simply flying back to their nests or perches.

If someone is threatening their lives or those they love, they will attack, and there will be blood!

Sun Conure teaches us to express ourselves, and even more essentially, to KNOW ourselves. Are you aware in each moment how you are TRULY feeling, and what you need? Or have you spent a life time denying your instincts and bodily impulses; of ignoring your deeper self? Start listening in. What are the subtle ways your body tells you what you want... do you start to move towards a thing or a person but then stop yourself? Do you shrink back, but then tell yourself you must stay in a situation that makes you uncomfortable? Sun Conure never does this, but is completely AUTHENTIC. When she wants to be still she is still. When she wants to scream she screams. She doesn’t waste time with those who don’t like her or those she hasn’t bonded with. She is dedicated to her people and the friends she has mutually chosen. Darkness calms her down. Being sweet-talked or offered a treat distracts her and changes her mood as quickly as a child. All these things are good things.

Take Sun Conures lead this winter and wear your brightest colors, let your desires be known, and ring the bell in your proverbial cage to entertain yourself, or so your own inner Keeper will know it is high time they let you fly free.

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