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Poem: "They'd Never Believe It"

They'd Never Believe it

What if you fell in love with God the Spirit who lives inside Love inside Yggdrisel, the Tree of Life? What if he took up residence in your home only because you flung the door wide open handed him his own skeleton key pressed your lips up against his heart-beat as your roots wrapped around one-anothers

What if you were the only one who dared feel him between the billowing sheets of music dared to watch him stretch his feet on the redwood coffee table as you serve him drinks from the fountain of a youthful heart? What if it is you alone can hear him singing all the angels to sleep with creamy lullabys? What if it is you who wake him as he waltzes in between the pages of deathful dreams?

You couldn't very well tell your buddies "I don't want to come to the party I am staying in tonight with Hashem" or explain to your teachers, "Eros wouldn't let me out of our bed" It's not like you can bring the Invisible Friend to class for "Show and Tell". This isn't Kindergarden! Or take Selfies with him. Even if you posted them on the Internet they'd only see you standing alone as if you had your arm around a vampire or holy ghost.

They'd call you Heretic, or "Born Again" Or worse, say, "the Devil has gotten into her" "She finally went off the deep end"

What if God wore your body like a dress and you wore his like a suit of armor jousting together on playing fields swimming as dolphins in the violet surf and growing up through the stem of the rose your scents mingling into fragrance that intoxicates the bees pollenating the Garden of Eden

How would you introduce this One to your father?

How would God explain to his Mother, "we eloped. Our Rabbi was Desire. Oh, and by the way, my bride is a Goddess. Our honey-moon is only now just rising."

They'll never believe it! That's how God hides in plain sight in your house.

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