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Tending our Nightmares to end Judgement

This s why we have to tend our nightmares and host even the most vile who stands at our doors, no matter how frightening. I did not realize how poisoned my own waters were with judgment and acrimony for those who are judging me, until I read this just now. (And spent the day in the emergency room. I'm fine -- it was really only an existential emergency, at this point, but other people's dreams and stories are warning that if something doesn't change, there will be physical failure.) I did not realize how I've been avoiding this darkness, because perhaps I've been too busy focused on getting others to stop avoiding theirs. It's time to begin the really, really hard work. How will I know when the waters run clear again, according to this article? When will this fury in my heart for my enemies turn into curiosity and compassion? When I find a way to be curious and compassion for myself, and these dream figures.

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